I’m Daniel. I live in London, where I build the future.

I spent the first decade of my career in traditional finance. Working across Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore taught me a lot about how enterpreneurs build businesses from scratch. Execution and learning by doing was a lot higher valued in these markets and I enjoyed being thrown in the deep end on a daily basis. Sink or swim!

Building financial models was my bread and butter. Many Alt_ESVs later as I enjoyed crafting great models I discovered the joy of building products. My passion to apply creativity outside the userbase of LBO and LevFin models led me to pick up Coding.

As someone who enjoys learning and self-improvement more than anything Coding proved to be the ultimate combo of continous learning allowing me to build anything my mind comes up with.

Today, I’m the Co-founder of fanaverse.io, where we’re working on enabling everyone to make an impact on people and planet with their regular purchases. The vision is a constant floating balance in your Fana Wallet from every digital checkout and you get to decide where both you and your favorite brands allocate money to. Finally causes you actually care about and you get to earn rewards for doing good!